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Can you talk to us more about your EP “Human Crown”? Is this representative of what you call ‘modern metal sound”?

Modern Metal has become so diverse with many sub genres. We as a group just exist in what we want to play from our hearts, to Answer your question I would say yes this is; the Human Crown is a mix of many styles of metal, Old school, Thrash, Modern American Metal, Hardcore, Punk etc….So there is a bit of everything. While we greatly respect the good ol’ days of the traditions of the genre we’re aiming to “modernize” the sound and approach with today’s techniques and technology both in studio and live performance.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write the song HUMAN CROWN? 

Yes, I happened to be away on a business trip over a few days and I had meetings in a convention center across from another large hall. Over those few days I saw Two of the main Political Parties have “fundraisers or meetings”, and as they left there was homeless around and the majority of these people who just spent few hours talking about “how great they are drinking the finest booze, eating expensive food” – left and walked by and stepped over homeless outside. That was the catalyst vocally. When I got back and we were writing the songs it evolved, our internet culture was changing right in front of our eyes. Media, Politicians, Social Media, it became more about the smoke, selling the headline of the day and none of the fire getting involved and fixing things. We have become a culture of the “keyboard cowboys” and the “I’m sorry” for everything generations, politicians. The media desensitize people to the real issues, we complain and get nothing done.  So the title the Human Crown is a satire or a sarcastic thing. We as humans think we are so great, high and mighty, we will scream a message that looks good for our “Ratings” “Party” “Agenda”. But when it comes down to it we cannot live up to our potential and what do we think our makers would say? God, Science? The Universe if it could speak? That’s the just of the song, a happy tune.

Any plans to release a video for the track? 

Yes, we are currently discussing working on something visually meaningful, perhaps a picture video of the song. 

Why naming the album after this song in particular?

It seemed fitting in today’s climate. It’s a microcosm of the album and society. The title works outward but also inward.   

How was the recording and writing process?

Started with Tamas and I jamming in a room. From there after the skeletons of the songs are done we do a rough recording and bring in Mark and Jeff. We listen to the tunes, What’s working what’s not? We go through another round of refinement; drum changes, vocal melodies, guitar parts. Then after that we brought in producer, John Bender, for a round of pre-production. That helps because sometimes you’re in the forest for so long you don’t see the trees anymore. Once we have the structure we start tracking drums first, then guitars, bass, leads and vocals in that order. 

What role does NYC play in your music?

NYC Plays a big role lol, NYC is a living breathing organism that whether you live here your whole life or only for a few years it bonds to your DNA on who you are. Mannerisms, the way you drive, the fight online, to get your order in at Starbucks lol. It changes you, NYC sticks to you like glue. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How has Pantera and Slipknot influenced your writing?

Just being Fans of those guys, they bring so much to the table. Pantera saved metal in the 90s. For guys like us it gives you a target. It’s something you need to strive for and live up to. The quality of their work speaks for itself. They are Legends. By listening to them and understanding what’s going on makes you better musicians. 

What aspect of relationships did you get to explore on this record?

Lyrically not only exploring the relationship with our acceptance of what’s going on in the outside world, but with what’s going on inside. Stuck In Your Way is a perfect example. It talks about Us being our own worst enemy. About me stopping personal growth and dealing with things. It was very cathartic experience.  

Suffering In Silence the topic of suicide, and not knowing what people are dealing with when they go home at night and the lights go off and the demons come out. 

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Lyrically inspiration finds itself all over, movies, old TV shows, books, my personal favorite is real life people watching. If you go to a bar and keep your mouth shut, we have two ears and one mouth if we listen twice as much as we speak you’ll find all the inspiration you need. 

Any plans to hit the road?

1000 million percent. Expect us to be doing an East Coast run of dates in the first or second Quarter of 2020 then a west coast run in the fall in Nov of 2020. In between that there will be shows all over the east. 

What else is happening next in The Unbroken’s world?

After a run of 30 shows we took a few weeks break to work on some material and we are coming together this coming week to work on new tunes. So we will be writing a new EP, new singles. Stayed tuned.

Working on ways to expand the fan experience. 

Some kind of Visual Representation of the Human Crown 

The singer trying to lose a few pounds so he looks good in a Bikini ;)

The Unbroken most definitely have it going on, pushing out strapping textures riding burly rhythms, all crowned by scrumptious gruff vocals.

The Unbroken - Human Crown

by RJ Frometa - Vents Magazine
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