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”The Unbroken set out to channel some of the most fundamentally iconic extreme music of the last few decades” - Artistrack 



   The UNBROKEN formed in the high powered metal scene in Brooklyn, NY. The band’s captivating, high-energy performances transport to Modern Day Thrash Metal; combining Metallica’s in your face attitude with Pantera’s chunkiness and Slipknot’s infectious groove, their musical direction emulates the heavy metal legends of yore, refreshed by the trappings of the modern metal era.

Band founded just two years ago, demonstrate the impeccable cohesion of a group that has decades of musical experience and collaboration with one another.

This familiar sound, done in an exciting and polished way, hearkens back to the days when heavy metal musicians used their music to challenge the establishment. In an increasingly fractured scene, plagued by posers and people that just don’t “get it,”


The UNBROKEN is making a timeless, unifying statement with their EP debuted in May 2019.

Human Crown EP was self produced by the band where John Bender (Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Hellyeah) helped in production and Johann Meyer (Gojira) took care of mixing duties as well as Alan Doutches (Mastodon, High On Fire, Every Time I Die) put the final mastering touches on the record.

Consummately reflective of the tension, the hurt, and the anger that we’ve come to accept, the quartet’s studio debut is the first installment in a campaign of sonic violence to come.

As the country falls deeper and deeper into lawlessness and class warfare, The UNBROKEN’s heavy, brash sound is a battle cry for those that have been beaten down by the system, by the scumbags and fraudsters, and the snobs and bigots.

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"Breaking boundaries, Brooklyn band is breathing fresh air into the heavy metal genre"
- Brooklyn Paper -
”Listeners are washed in a flurry of guitar and drum destruction the likes of which metalheads live and die for”

- The Indie Source -
”Human Crown is sure to make a splash with any metal fan”
- Review Fix -
“The band ignores precedent and takes their music beyond preconceived sonic boundaries”
- Tattoo.com - 
“The rising quartet also adds their compelling own blend of pulsating metal-punk rock sounds with surprising moments of soulful emotions, which will surely leave many fans of the genre captivated”
- ShockYa Magazine -
“Boasting a properly tuneful chorus amongst all the riffing, blistering drums and extraordinarily accomplished aggression”
- Stereo Stickman - 
”The Unbroken set out to channel some of the most fundamentally iconic extreme music of the last few decades”
- Artistrack -


St. Vitus, NY
NJ Metal Fest, NJ
Electric Music Conference, PA
Parkside Records, NY
Queens Rockfest
Sing Sing Brewery
Connie's Ric Rac, PA


    The Unbroken has made its debut on the big stage - CBS NFL Today [2023 Oct]


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