The Unbroken most definitely have it going on

Brooklyn metal outfit The Unbroken recently released their debut EP, entitled Human Crown, a collection of songs fueled by punk rock energy and ferocious metal punch. Co-produced by John Bender, the EP was mixed by Johan Meyer and mastered by Alan Douches.

Formed in 2017, the band is made up of Chester Oszustowicz (vocals, guitar), Mark Johnson (lead guitar), Jeff Hinz (backing vocals, bass), and Tamas Vajda (drums). Citing influences from Metallica, Pantera, and Slipknot, the band ignores precedent and takes their music beyond preconceived sonic boundaries.

Encompassing five-tracks, Human Crown begins with “Stuck In The Way,” opening on snarling guitars and Jovian rumbling drums flowing into a searing Nu metal tune. Seamless harmonic shifts imbue the tune with hefty dynamics and thrumming sonic alterations. A cavernous growling groove paves the way for a stellar guitar solo, followed by Chester’s rasping barking voice.

The intro to “Suffering In Silence” rolls out like a thunderstorm, grumbling with muscular energy. Stuttering guitars flow into grinding dark colors, as Tamas’ powerful drums set the foundation with machine-gun fills and pounding double-bass. I love the gulping guitars, as they chug out potent pressure and chaffing textures.

The title track features trembling delicate hues topped by Chester’s remote voice. When the melody takes hold, the tune surges with hypertrophic momentum, deep and dangerous. 

“I Never Forget” opens on syncopated riffs, followed by a running guitar segueing into a rampaging Nu metal tune full of vicious abrading guitars. Johnson’s guitar solo cuts like a knife, ascending on flaming notes.

The final track, “Nothing Left To Sell,” travels on spectral tones supported by finessed booming-lite percussion. Then the muscle kicks in, as blistering guitars fill the soundscape with stabbing flavors, prior to descending once again. The combination of sizzling sonic immensity with graceful streaming colors gives the tune tasty contrasting duality.

The Unbroken most definitely have it going on, pushing out strapping textures riding burly rhythms, all crowned by scrumptious gruff vocals.

The Unbroken - Human Crown

Review by Randall Radic
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