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Human Crown is sure to make a splash with any metal fan

The harsh, chaotic sounds of heavy metal are well-tread. From old school standbys such as Iron Maiden to today’s bands like High on Fire, the genre has evolved in a progressive way for decades. The Unbroken’s debut EP, Human Crown, takes cues from the past and brings them into their own fold. With robust and inspired vocal and instrumental performances, Human Crown seeks to make not just a splash, but a tsunami. The EP starts with the track “Stuck in the Way.” It is a fantastic way to start the EP off, as the dark and sinister riffs cascade along with the precise slams of percussion. The in-your-face lyrics are given a great punch by the powerful screams of the...

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The Unbroken most definitely have it going on

Brooklyn metal outfit The Unbroken recently released their debut EP, entitled Human Crown, a collection of songs fueled by punk rock energy and ferocious metal punch. Co-produced by John Bender, the EP was mixed by Johan Meyer and mastered by Alan Douches. Formed in 2017, the band is made up of Chester Oszustowicz (vocals, guitar), Mark Johnson (lead guitar), Jeff Hinz (backing vocals, bass), and Tamas Vajda (drums). Citing influences from Metallica, Pantera, and Slipknot, the band ignores precedent and takes their music beyond preconceived sonic boundaries. Encompassing five-tracks, Human Crown begins with “Stuck In The Way,” opening on snarling guitars and Jovian rumbling drums flowing into a searing Nu metal tune. Seamless harmonic shifts imbue the tune with hefty...

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Liberating the masses from unquestionably following officials

Being apprehensive over not just how leaders are manipulating the general population, but also the mindless way the public is undoubtedly following those rulers, is a powerful emotion is modern society. The musicians of the up-and-coming Brooklyn-based quartet, The Unbroken, is sharing their qualms over the way current culture is relegating to past times in certain respects on their recently released heavy metal debut EP, ‘Human Crown.’ The new five-track album from the band, which is led by lead vocalist, Chester Oszustowicz, is proving what a progressive stance they have on liberating the masses from unquestionably following officials. The Unbroken is also unique in the fact that it’s a daring group that’s dedicated to punk rock ethics through its dominating,...

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