Human Crown is sure to make a splash with any metal fan

The harsh, chaotic sounds of heavy metal are well-tread. From old school standbys such as Iron Maiden to today’s bands like High on Fire, the genre has evolved in a progressive way for decades. The Unbroken’s debut EP, Human Crown, takes cues from the past and brings them into their own fold. With robust and inspired vocal and instrumental performances, Human Crown seeks to make not just a splash, but a tsunami.

The EP starts with the track “Stuck in the Way.” It is a fantastic way to start the EP off, as the dark and sinister riffs cascade along with the precise slams of percussion. The in-your-face lyrics are given a great punch by the powerful screams of the vocals. The screams are almost haunting on the chorus as “you’re stuck in your ways again!” cries over the instrumentals. The sinister riffs are robust and make way for great transitions or make a great backdrop for the amazing solo. After making a fantastic first impression, the next stand out track is “I Never Forget.”

The track is high octane and thrashing, but the aesthetic is slicker than grease. The drums in the intro ignite the guitars that shoot off like fire in this thrashing track. The style and change-ups in the instrumentals here solidifies its slick aesthetic and when the guitar climbs it always reaches a satisfying climax. These dark yet stylish instrumentals sound great against the screams of the vocalist, with the backups giving them a quality that’s darker than black when you hear them yell “FOR-GET! FOR-GET! FOR-GET!” behind the lead’s sinister screams. Finally, the closing track “Nothing Left to Sell” is a stellar one.

 The track makes a great first impression and is full of personality. The harmonic style of metal that kicks into high gear when the lead cries “Look in my eyes… What do you see?” With a haunting quality. What the track does well however is combine these two distinct styles in a way that’s all their own. As the track progresses, the harmonic elements twist into the heavier ones, giving the track an equally twisted aesthetic. This quality also makes for a fantastic feeling to set up the guitar solo that sends the EP off.

Human Crown is sure to make a splash with any metal fan. The debut EP’s tracks are solid, full of heart and brimming with personality. Each track here is inspired by metal subgenres of the past, with The Unbroken giving their unique spin on each. Whether it is dark and sinister, or thrashing and high-octane, the musical buildups on Human Crown always give satisfying payoffs. With their eclectic style and love of the genre, The Unbroken are making themselves a band to look out for. Make room on your playlist, a few of these tracks might just sneak on it.

By Thorne Stone of Review Fix
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